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Associa - Community Group

3901 Westerre Parkway

Suite 100

Richmond, Virginia 23233

(804) 270-1800

Kim Holmstrom, Community Manager

Pool access is granted through the online pool ID system.  You will check-in at the guard desk by giving the guard your name and address.  You need to complete a 2019 Pool Access Form if:

•   EXISTING HOMEOWNERS/RENTERS:  You have any additions/deletions to your family members

    OR did not have pool access last year.

•   RENTAL HOMES:  We ask that homeowners please advise us if your tenant has changed from last

    year and complete a new Delegation of Rights and Privileges form for the new tenant giving them

    access to the pool.  Your new tenant will then need to complete the 2019 Pool Access Form.

•   NEW HOMEOWNERS:  New homeowners wishing to gain access to the pool must complete and

    return the 2019 Pool Access Form.

​Photos for the pool ID system can be emailed along with the Pool Access Form, provided the photo is a head shot clearly labeled with the individuals name as the file name.

Homeowners must be current on their assessments in order to gain access to the pool.  Payment for assessments cannot be accepted at the site office.  Call Community Group at 804-270-1800 to ensure your account has a zero balance or to inquire about a past due balance.

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Purchasing Passes/Gym Access Cards & Reserving the Facility After Hours: ​


The annual assessment is due on January 1 of each calendar year (“Annual Assessment”); however, Owners in good standing with the Association have the privilege of paying the annual assessment in four (4) equal installments due on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 each year (“Quarterly Assessment”) (the due date(s) for both the Annual Assessment and Quarterly Assessment are collectively referred to as the “Due Date”).  
Late Fee:  If payment for any assessment is not received by the management agent on or before the 30th day of Due Date (or the first working day thereafter if such day is a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday), the assessment will be deemed delinquent and the Board will impose a late fee of $50.00 on any Annual or Quarterly Assessment that is in default. 

​Mail to:  Community Group, Inc., P.O. Box 27898, Newark, NJ  07101-7898 or pay online using 


Board of Director Meetings: 

February 4th

April 13th (annual mtg-not working mtg)

May 5th

August 4th

October 6th

meetings start at 6pm - side dining room of the clubhouse, except for Annual Meeting on April 8th which is held in the ballroom

Pebble Creek Courier - January 2020

Architectural Modification Request forms may be obtained in the site office during office hours or by clicking the link below.  Only one request per form and a copy of your plat MUST be included with your application to be accepted by the committee for review.  If you cannot locate a copy of your plat, please contact the site office, as they may have a copy on file from a previous modification submittal, or print a google map of your property.
As noted on the form, these REQUIRED documents are needed for consideration.  If not included, it will delay the review of your application since the ARC will have to request them from you.
     •  Survey/Plot Plan
     •  Elevations/Pictures of proposed modification and color samples if applicable.
     •  Adjacent Homeowners Acknowledgement
Once submitted to the site office, the request will be uploaded into the system and you will receive notification by email of its receipt.  The ARC will then review your request and notify you by email within 21 days of receipt of all documents.

Compliance inspections are on-going throughout the year.  Compliance reminder letters are being sent to address non-compliant issues.  The purpose is to ensure all properties are in compliance with the Protective Covenants and Architectural Guidelines of our community.  For instance, weathered mailboxes/posts, algae on siding, faded shutters and landscape maintenance (weeds in the grass and borders) are just some of the compliance matters which most often need to be addressed.  This is an on-going process and all homes are inspected annually...

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Upcoming Events:


NOTES from the Site Office:

​​If you need to purchase a gym access card or pool guest pass after hours, you may drop off payment in the mail slot to the right of the front door at the clubhouse. Please make a notation of what you are purchasing on your check or on a separate note. Your card or pass will be processed the next business day and placed in the pick-up box on the column outside the front door. Pool guest passes are also sold at the guard desk during pool hours.  Please note that gym access cards require a form be completed, which can be found on the DOCUMENTS page.

If reserving the facility, please contact the office to check availability first. The rental application can then be emailed to the homeowner for completion prior to dropping off your application and payment in the mail slot. 

  • A reminder to pet owners, please clean up after your pets whether walking them on common grounds or in your yard.  Pet stations area a courtesy to homeowners, but ultimately the responsibility is yours. 
  • On warmer days, we see an increase in people visiting the ponds.  Please remind your children that the only common area is the bridge and sidewalk at the main pond.  It is considered trespassing unless you are an invited guest of a particular pond lot owner to be on their property.  Report trespassers to the Hanover County non-emergency number - 804-346-6140.

Please be reminded that the hours for use of the clubhouse
property’s outside amenities are: 
7:00 am until 6:00 pm—November through March
7:00 am until 9:00 pm—April through October

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Site Office Information: 

Monday - Thursday:
9 am - 4 pm
8 am - noon

(It's always best to call first to ensure someone is in the office and not on site or away at meetings.)
Property Manager - Jennifer Rice
Phone:  (804) 559-9088